About TST

Taiwan Silicone Technology (TST) was established in 2011. We devote ourselves to “ film technology”, and specialize in developing and manufacturing different kinds of silicone rubber and silicone rubber composite sheeting/film.Our products are widely used in LCD display, optronics, electronics and industrial production.

TST is one of the few silicone calendered sheeting/film manufacturers in the world. We contribute to the mentioned industries by developing and supplying the key materails, and assist these industries in strengthening their international competiveness and superiority.

Thermal Conductive Release Silicone Rubber Film
The TA series is the thermal conductive release silicone rubber film designed to absorb the shock, balance the ...more
Silicone Rubber Composite Film
Silicone rubber composite film consists of glass-fiber, PTFE or customer-required materials and silicone rubber...more