TC02 -PTFE reinforced S. R. Sheet

PTFE Reinforced Silicone Ruber Sheet & Film



PTFE reinforced silicone rubber sheet consists of PTFE and silicone rubber. It has two main applications:

1. It's a great cushion sheet that can be used in the manufacturing processes of electronic products which require shock-absorbing and heat transfering.

2. It can be used in any industries that require extreme temperatures. ie. food processing mat, conveyor belt...etc.



  1. Great durability
  2. Excellent shock-absorbing and heat transfering characteristics
  3. Custom formulas are available for specific requirements. 



  • Cushion sheet that is used in different  manufacturing processes. i.e. FPC, LCD, PDP...etc.  
  • Cushion sheet for all kinds of lamination processes

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