TC05-Fiberglass Reinforced High Performance S.

proimages/DM_TC05HFS.jpgFiberglass Reinforced 
High Performance
Silicone Rubber sheet & Film

A great cushion for

PCB- Multilayer, Rigid/Flex Laminations


Introduction and  Features:

Fiberglass Reinforced High Performance Silicone Rubber sheet & Film
is mainly used in PCB Multi-layer,
rigid/flex lamination process as a high performance cushion. It has great characteristics like flatness, durability,
and heat-resistant ablility.
It can enhance production capability and
reduce defect rate during manufacturing.


Thickness          :
1.60 mm / 3.00 mm      
Hardness          :  70 Shore A
Max Width        :  1,600mm 
Working Temp. :  200 ~ 250 degree C
:             :  According to customer's request.
Material            :  RoHs complied
                :  Red









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