TC04 -PET Textile Reinforced S. R. Sheet

PET Textile Reinforced silicone rubber sheet 




PET Texttile reinforced silicone sheet is composed of PET textile and silicone rubber.
It is a great materail for all kinds of market for the application of anti-slip, cushion, and decoration.
Combine the unique touch and durability of silicone with the outstanding strength of PET textile, this environmental-friendly materail provide you a new choice in artificail leather field. 
Materails are FDA complied.


1. Special and unique soft touch and durability

2. Easy for handling and cleaning, excellent durability

3. Wonderful anti-slip, cushioning, and decorating effects

4. Adjustable for different requirements. EX: surface treatment, easy releasing...


•All kinds of silicone table mat, anti-slip mat and general use working mat 
•Leather chair in cars, furnitures, decoration and anti-slip strip

•Bag, suitcase

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